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Our mission is to serve our customers and suppliers by being the most trustworthy and solution orientated. We constantly challenge ourselves to find new and innovative ways to bring value to our customers and vendors. 

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At ing-101 we believe building strong relationships with our clients is paramount. By staying true to our business plan, we remain transparent and develop a clear, precise direction.

We go out of our way to be supportive and see it as our duty to make things as easy as possible for our clients to grow their business. To achieve this, we focus on adding value through relevant clients, strategic thinking, professional sales and our passion for food.


The highest quality rice flours, meals and blended products. We offer white, brown & sweet (glutinous) rice flours in a variety of granulations.

We offer a vast array of ancient grain flours tailored to your requirements while offering competitive pricing providing complete trust for the end user.

Ing-101 offers stabilized rice bran, sourced only from Northern California. Rich in micro and macronutrients, our medium grain SRB is 100% non-GMO, hypoallergenic and gluten-free.

A wide variety of glazes and icings ranging from specialty glazes and high gloss icings to fruit fillings, toppings and smears.

Our yeast extracts are all natural, rich in amino acids, nucleotides and peptides. Yeast extract has a savory flavor that is comparable to bouillon, which often makes it a suitable ingredient for savory products.

The Emsland Group is one of the leading companies in the development of innovative product solutions based on renewable raw materials, primarily from potatoes. 

Our custom mixes and oils begin with the finest ingredients in the world. Derived from plant, animal or synthetic fat, our cooking oils are used for frying, baking and other types of cooking.

organic, gluten-free, all natural, non-GMO

We offer the finest ingredients, from the world's top producers. From specialty orders to full truck loads to rail cars, ing-101 is your go to ingredient supplier.

We offer a vast array of ingredients tailored to your requirements whilst offering competitive pricing developing complete trust with our customers.

**The above quality certifications relate to Western Foods LLC, Woodland, CA.