Zooming Flavors

Whether your application is liquid or powder, Zooming encapsulated flavors are built for maximum efficiency and performance. By using little or no diluents, we optimize the delivery of actives, thus retaining the authentic flavor, aroma, and taste.

Superior Flavor Encapsulation

Creating aroma and taste experiences never before possible with sustainable technology.


We invented a superior flavor encapsulation technology we call Zooming®, reducing water and energy consumption by 50%.

The Secret:

We applied high-speed physics principles, eliminating the damaging effects of heat and solvents on key flavor ingredients.

Zooming Flavors:

The real deal! Our patented technology produces cutting-edge flavor compounds. These new tools are optimized for formulators and today’s consumers.

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Zooming makes the impossible flavor possible.

ING-101 Flavor List
Long Grain, Medium Grain & Sweet (glutinous) Rice Flours
White Rice Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Extra Fine, Fine, Coarse & Meal
Organic & Conventional
Pre Gelatinized
Low Micro (See Below)