Sprouting & Malting

Ing-101 offer a vast array of sprouted and malted grains ranging from a variety of ancient grains to sunflower seeds. Our products are expertly crafted with the gluten-free baker or brewer in mind. We have merged traditional practices with innovative new ideas and flavors to create a wide variety of products.

See below for a full list of our sprouted and malted grain products.


A sprouted grain is a seed that has been allowed to germinate. During germination, enzymes turn starch in the seed into a more easily digestible molecule.


Sprouted grains have an increased availability of some vitamins and minerals  including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, and amino acids, than traditional grain.

Sprouted grains can help with cardiovascular, digestive, immune, and liver function as well as being gluten-free, easy to digest and less allergenic

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Grain List

We offer a vast array of sprouted and malted grains tailored to your requirements while offering competitive pricing providing complete trust for the customer.

Product List
Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet
Teff & Quinoa
Pumpkin Seed
Lentils, Corn & Sunflower Seed