Rice Flours

ing-101 is dedicated with its partner Western Foods to supplying the highest quality rice flours, meals and blended products. We offer white, brown & sweet (glutinous) rice flours in a variety of granulations.

Our low micro and pre-gelatanized rice flours were created to function as water binding agents, thickeners, and emulsifier and viscosity control agents with excellent freeze-thaw stability.

Benefits of our low micro and pre-gel flours include: no chemical modification, low micro and clean label declaration, unique properties such as dough conditioning, viscosity enhancement, proofing acceleration and meat tenderization.

  • Custom Blending & Mixing
  • Retail, Food Service & Industrial Packaging
Features & Benefits
  • Whole Grain
  • Multi Grain
  • Ancient Grain
  • High Fiber
  • Gluten-free
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Rice Flours

We offer a vast array of rice flours  ranging from Extra Fine White Rice Flour to Brown Rice Meal.

Product List
Long Grain, Medium Grain & Sweet (glutinous) Rice Flours
White Rice Flour
Brown Rice Flour
Extra Fine, Fine, Coarse & Meal
Organic & Conventional
Pre Gelatinized
Low Micro (See Below)

púro™ Low Micro Rice Flours

púro™ is a highly effective, fully validated , 5-log reduction process for salmonella, mitigating the microbial risk associated with raw commodity flours. púro™  can reduce harmful bacteria, pathogens, mold, e-coli, yeast and microbes. The process is gentle on ingredients to ensure that their physical and organoleptic characteristics and overall functionality are protected.

  • Fully validated, 5-log pathogen reduction process for salmonella
  • Reduce harmful bacteria, pathogens, mold, e-coli and microbes
  • Gentle on ingredients
  • Fully validated by a third-party laboratory