Egg & Milk Replacers

Our milk replacers have all the benefits of milk. But when you use it in your cakes, muffins and sweet goods, it can produce greater volume, enhanced flavor and softer texture all while reducing your bowl costs.

Our egg replacer line consists of egg substitutes for all types of yeast raised products. One of the major benefits is they actually cut the cost of using eggs in sweet goods, danish, bagels, rolls, donuts, cookies and cakes by 33% to 66%!

​In addition,  we offer ten variations of the product that provide specific benefits to meet any bakers needs. Some of these include options such as being egg and/or soy free as well as replacers for both whole eggs or egg whites. 

  • Wide variety of options to suit any baker’s needs

  • Clean Label or Non-GMO options

  • Cuts the cost of using eggs by 33% to 66%

  • Enhances volume, texture, and flavor in baked goods

  • Reduces bowl costs

  • Non-dairy, no-soy version available

  • Milk-Free products are certified Kosher Pareve

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Egg & Milk Replacers

We offer a vast array of ancient grains tailored to your requirements while offering competitive pricing providing complete trust for the customer.

Product List
MILK-FREE - Milk Replacer
VITA-EX - Egg Replacer